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Memento - Global Game Jam 2019
Memento - Global Game Jam 2019

Designed and Developed during Global Game Jam 2019

A team of 8, consisted of artists, musicians, designers and 1 programmer all whom originally were strangers to one another, we created a collect and hoard mobile game filled with different narratives in a spam of 48hrs. What started as an idea of what "Home" means to each one of us, turned into a game of how the meaning can be embedded in the items we collect in our many adventures.

Collect and hoard different items. Some items may be passed down to you while others might just suddenly appear. Each item will help to define what home might mean to the player or you as the gamer or simplity how others perceive the meaning of “Home” through the use of narrative.

Personal Task - Project/Micro Management, Unity Assets Implimentation, Story Writing

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